At Sea.Bar.Is we think that one of the things which can give most quality to our services is that our clients can enjoy not only the delicious food we serve, but also our warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Add to that the marvelous location we are in, and we have the perfect result: Sea.Bar.Is, your perfect restaurant in Port of Pollensa. Located just minutes away from Port of Pollensa´s nautical club and with impressive sea views, this is an ideal location for enjoying a fantastic breakfast after watching the sun come up.

Being located at a slightly elevated height in direction of the beach, we can guarantee the feeling of being on the actual beach without having to get dirty with sand, and add to that the marine ambience which surrounds it.

When it comes to our dishes, we wish to be sure to have created an adequate menu for all of our clients, where we can find all kinds of varieties to taste.


Amongst the main dishes we can find:


Who doesn´t wish to enjoy the best meat accompanied by the finest guarnishes?

/ Sea.Bar.Is. Hamburger.

This hamburger is one of our special dishes cooked with the best beef and delicious accompaniment.

/ Mallorca rump steak.

The best Mallorca meat in a dish which is guaranteed not to leave you indifferent.

/ Mallorcan Sirloin.

Sirloin grown on our land and fed with nothing but the best.

/ Mallorcan lamb chops.

If there is a dish which is never missing in Mallorcan homes, it´s lamb. Taste this delicious food and give us your opinion.

/ Pork Sirloin.

Pig is the animal of excellence here in Mallorca, because we use it to make the most typical dishes of the island, and of course, the sirloin couldn’t be anything less.

/ Garlic Chicken.

The taste of the garlic and laurel accompanying chicken which is already taste create a perfect and unique combination for your taste buds.

/ Curried Chicken.

Oriental tastes are always a good option when it comes to trying new things. For sure you have already tried it, but we invite you to try ours, for sure you´ll love it!

/ Meat balls with garlic bread.

Meat balls are also one of the most cooked dishes of our gastronomy and that’s why they couldn’t be missing from out menu.

/ Deluxe Hot Dog.

An explosion for your senses.

Additionally, accompany one of these dishes with one of our delicious pepper or honey & mustard sauces… An explosion of taste which will leave you speechless in our restaurant in Port of Pollensa.

/// FISH

If there is something we can enjoy and brag about it´s being surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas in the world, and that’s why we wish to offer the best thing this gives us, fish.

/ Grilled Squid.

Without a doubt one of the healthiest and tastiest dishes around.

/ Sauteed Prawns.

The unique taste of prawns mixed with a delicious sautee will make your mouth melt.

/ Grilled Salmon.

Who can resist a light dish which is full of flavour at the same time?

/ Grilled Sea Bass.

/ Grilled Tuna.

This is without a doubt one of our star dishes. We cook it to the exact point so it keeps its texture and taste.

And of course, dare to accompany these dishes with our delicious sauces from which you´ll be able to choose between thousand island or honey and mustard sauce.


Our restaurant in Port of Pollensa is for everyone, and of course we also have a menu for the little ones to enjoy our food. The dishes we have chosen for them are, which they are sure to like, are:

/ Nuggets with potatoes.

/ Hamburger with potatoes.

/ Spaghetti Bolognese.

And for dessert you´ll be able to choose between:

/ Brownie.

/ Chocolate and ice-cream truffle.

/ Lemon sorbet.

/ Apple cake.

/ Carrot cake.


Pasta has always been one of the most international dishes, not only because it can be created to suit everyones taste, but also because of the large range of ingredients it includes, which nurish and fill at the same time. On our menu you´ll be able to find:

/ Carbonara Tagliatelle.

Delicious carbonara sauce accompanies this dish, thought of for lovers of bacon and cream.

/ Spaghetti Bolognese.

A mixture of mince meat with our tomato sauce will make your mouth water.

/ Ravioli filled with spinach.

For those who love the fine taste of spinach, this is your dish. Mixed with pasta it creates an unequable fusion.

/ Macharoni with meatballs.

This legendary italian dish suits the taste of nearly all meat lovers.

/ Pizza Margherita.

The most simple yet one of the tastiest pizzas.

/ Pepperoni Pizza.

The particular aroma of pepperoni will delight both your nose and taste buds at the same time, leaving you wanting more.


Our baguettes are as special as we are. Try them, we bet you won´t regret it!

/ Tuna, sweetcorn, mayonnaise and salad.

/ Chicken, mayonnaise and salad.

/ Spanish: serrano ham, mahon cheese and tomato.


What would visiting a restaurant in Port of Pollensa be like without trying some delicious tapas? Seen as we wish for every mouthful to have a special memory, we present various options:

/ Sea.Bar.Is Nachos.

Created from sour sauce, guacamole, jalapeños peppers and chicken, our nachos are sure to leave you breathless.

/ Andalucian Squid.

We wish to transport the tastes of the south to Mallorca, so why not try a bite?

/ Sauteed Prawns.

/ Serrano ham or cod croquettes.

Made as Grandma would, because we only offer you the very best.

/ Chicken Wings.

/ Battered mussels.

/ Mixed table of ham and cheese.

If your thing is sharing, our mixed table is ideal for you. With a mixture of these two delicious foods, you´ll be able to discover the best of Spanish tastes.

/ Padron peppers.

You know what they say… “some are spicy and some aren´t”.

/ Chipirones.

/ Camembert with blueberries.

If you have a sweet tooth, try this combination.

/ Battered Prawns.


Starting the day with the energy of a champion is now possible thanks to our healthy and complete breakfasts:

/ Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

The ideal fusion of countryside and sea.

/ Ham and cheese omelette.

/ Full english breakfast.

Eggs, sausages, toast and beans.

/ Eggs Benedict.

The famous recipe made up from muffin, cooked ham, pancetta or pastrami, poached eggs and holandese sauce is an ideal option for those who wish to try something diferent.

/ 100% muesli, yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit.

A healthy and natural breakfast for someone like you.

/ Bacon sandwich with milky coffee.

/ Two slices of toast with milky coffee.


One of the most healthy and complete options are salads, especially in summer when the heat arrives and we need our body to breathe:

/ Chicken, chorizo and salad.

/ Niçoise: tuna, potatoes and beans.

/ Greek: feta cheese, olives and salad.

/ Avocado, tomato, mozarella and pesto.

/ Goats cheese, bacon and salad.

/ Cesar Salad.

As you will see, you have a wide range of foods, textures and tastes to choose from, so now, don´t you feel like enjoying a salad under the sun in our restaurant in Port of Pollensa?


Take away, combi beach Sea.Bar.Is

To end we must remind you that we have dishes available to take away and which you´ll be able to enjoy at home or wherever you wish to.

/ Hamburger with cheese + refreshment or beer.

/ Hot dog + refreshment or beer.

/ Pizza + refreshment or beer.

/ Cesar Salad + refreshment or beer.

If you want more information you´ll find our prices and other things on our menu. Open it!

So now you know everything we have to offer, don´t hesitate to contact us, We hope to see you soon in our Restaurant in Port of Pollensa!