Pollensa is one of the towns in Mallorca with most possibilities. Its large amount of kilometers offers visitors a wide range of activities, both for sea and mountain lovers.

In this post we will concentrate on water sports which can be practiced in Pollensa´s beautiful beaches and coves.

If it´s true that it´s one of the areas where the weather can change the most, it has the benefit of being wet by the Mediterranean, which gives it tranquility and a stable climate nearly every day of the year.

This Mallorcan town has different beaches and coves, each and everyone of them with its own peculiarities, which will make your stay here non repetitive and guarantee lots of fun. From the spectacular beach of Formentor, to the bay of Pollensa, each one of these corners hides different possibilities for practicing:


This modality of craft which today is purely known as a sporting tool was originally created to go fishing in, especially in the cold Arctic. It´s origin was probably esquimo but today Kayak is practised all over the world. It basically consists of a small boat which is moved in the water by an oar or double spoon which allows the sailor to choose the direction and speed of such. If you stay in Pollensa there are different excursions with different levels of difficulty to choose from. One of the easiest ones without a doubt would be the one which goes from La Gola (bay of Pollensa) and crosses the cape of Formentor or L´Estar de´n Ros, places which are separated from human life and have crystal clear waters full of nature which will leave you astonished.

On the other hand, if you decide to go Kayaking from the other part of Pollensa, it is very recommendable to visit Cala San Vicente, Mallorca, located just 8km away from Port of Pollensa, and is made up from four coves: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó. Cala Molins is one of the most adequate coves for doing practicing this sport because of its opening to the sea and easy connection with the rest of the coves, creating an optimum atmosphere for movement and adventure, and guaranteeing the visit to different marine caves and reaching points which aren’t reachable on foot.


Also known as scuba-diving, diving is one of the most practiced sports. There are lots of different levels and options for discovering new places, so people always feel attracted to it. Also, this sport guarantees fun and the possibility of being in contact with marine nature and interact with marine inhabitants in a safe and enjoyable way.

In Pollensa there are many places to do this and for sure they will leave a lasting memory which will make you want to return. An ideal place for observing would be at the coves of Formentors peninsula, such as Cala en Gossalba or Cala Murta, both mainly formed by rocks and enclosed from the sea which makes diving and observing easier.


Kitesurf is a sport derived from surfing which consists in standing on a board and holding onto a type of kite which at the same time pushes us through the wind guiding movement. The bay of Pollensa is one of the places where this sport is practiced due to its large sea opening and wind, which helps the movement of the boards, and which in recent years, has gained popularity. There are various centers which rent material, and also a specialized school for those who have never tried it and want to practice a new sport.

The only recommendation we give for this sport, is as it’s a risky sport, you have to have a minimum formation to be able to do it, and the first few times you must be accompanied by a teacher or a specialist who knows a lot about wind movements and waves.



Another modality of water sport which has recently come into fashion is paddle surf. With this kind of surfing you stand on a board whilst guiding your direction with a paddle. This kind of sport is ideal for those who wish to travel across the sea waves in complete tranqulity and also incentivates the little ones to try it. On the other hand, if you prefer more adrenaline, windy days will be ideal for you, all though remember, caution!

Another ideal place for practicing paddle surf in Mallorca is cala san Vicente. This place is beautiful for travelling from cove to cove and observing the Mediterranean nature. Its clear and turquoise waters allow the luxury of travelling into the sea observing at all times what is underneath you, also being a much loved area for bird watchers. What more could you ask for? Sea and sky joined in one.

So don´t doubt it. Why not dare to try one of these wáter sports and finish the day relaxing in our beach bar? We´re waiting for you!